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Blue Orange Blue Orange

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Blue/Orange received its world premiere at the National Theatre in 2000. The critics were unanimous in their praise. Rapture specialises in bringing new work to Scotland which has won acclaim elsewhere. Michael Emans strongly believes in ‘theatre for all’ – ensuring that even very small communities in Scotland can access quality theatre productions.
In 2000, Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange received Best New Play awards from the London Evening Standard and the Critics’ Circle. In 2001 it received an Olivier Award for Best New play.

About the Play

The stage is set for a battle of wills between two doctors looking after a patient who believes himself to be the son of infamous dictator Idi Amin. As the drama unfolds, his story becomes unnervingly plausible. Combining drama with moments of comedy, this thriller reaches an exciting climax as the doctors’ clash becomes more personal.


What the Papers Said:
"Christopher John Hall captures all the twists and turns of a man who really is on the edge" - The Times
"Director Michael Emans has brought a cracking cast to this tautly written piece and directed them so it's power never falters" - Edinburgh Guide.Com
"Rapture Theatre, under Michael Emans' direction claws a savagely sharp finger nail down a face of a profession that we tend to view with ambivalence and wary reservation" - The Stage
"I'm in raptures over Rapture" --- The Mail on Sunday
"In Michael Emans' production, the three actors never let a beat drop, giving tough , pacy performances that keep you glued to the end" - Mark Fisher in Hi- Arts Journal
"A thought provoking and well-acted night out that should do much to enhance Rapture's reputation" - The Metro
"A wittily provocative piece that tears down the very stereo- types it builds up" - The List
"A dramatic play that both shocks and entertains" - The Mail on Sunday


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