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Democracy by Michael Frayn

West Germany, 1969. Charismatic Willy Brandt has been elected Chancellor. When Brandt ‘dares more democracy’, his own party conspires, plots and tries to destroy him. As his enemies tighten the noose around his neck, Brandt believes the only man he can truly trust is Gunter Guillaume, his devoted personal assistant.

But in the world of political intrigue, espionage and betrayal, is anyone to be trusted? Shakespearean in scale but with all the twists and spins of modern politics, Democracy combines the fascination of a John Le Carre thriller (Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Night Manager) with the dynamism of The West Wing and House of Cards.

Witty, thought provoking and highly entertaining, Democracy is a compelling and unmissable night at the theatre.

Following an acclaimed West End run, Michael Frayn’s award-winning play premieres in Scotland in an exciting new production from Scotland’s leading touring theatre company: Rapture Theatre.



 Some fantastic production images. ©Richard Campbell

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Fresh from an acclaimed West End run in Gypsy, movie actor Tom Hodgkins (Red 2 and Hanna) leads the cast as Willy Brandt, with Brookside and RSC actor Neil Caple as Gunter. Completing the 10 strong cast is Colin McCredie (Taggart), Sean Scanlan (River City), Michael Moreland (Under the Skin,16 Years of Alcohol), Jack Lord (Crime & Punishment), Alan Steele (Bard in the Botanics), Jim Kitson (Globe Theatre), Steven Scott Fitzgerald (Shang–a–Lang) and Stewart Porter (River City, Shetland and The Sash).

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