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Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Rapture Theatre in association with Greenwich Theatre in London present a new and exciting production of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Hamlet, the original young rebel, is a story that will reach across the generations. Modern music, innovative iconography and a faithfulness to this great play, will make Rapture’s production an unmissable event for fans of the bard from 12 years old to 102 years old.

About the Play

Set in the contemporary Glasgow underworld, Rapture’s production will combine Shakespeare’s text with a modern take on this powerful classic. Hamlet is caught between the idealistic world of his university and the world of terror and death that his criminal family represent. When his father dies and his ghost confronts him, Hamlet must choose between family lies and world truths, the past and the future, life and death.

 What the Audience Said:

"A wonderful performance. I have seen Hamlet a few times before (with Jude Law) yet this contemporary version is the first Hamlet I have understood and I never dozed off once !!!!"

"A most enjoyable production. Think it may not appeal to the purists. It worked for me (75 years old). Diction excellent and I could hear every word".

"What a performance, our 13 year-old was enthralled as well as us! Well done!!"

"The Scots lilt gave extra power to the great speeches"


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